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Xfactor houses - vertical living spaces - designer homes for small sites - all roof tops are sun decks to optimise views, daylight and to get away from everything - it's your relaxing space.

XFactor houses are stylish, practical and meet or exceed current building compliance standards. The xfactor houses range have a small footprint 30-35sq.m and can be single storey to 3 storey.

Single bed , 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom - the third bedroom can double as the study/work at home.

BUYING or SELLING a property?

Our appraisals assess the property for fitting of an Xfactor house, this includes access, services, land area, sunlight, views, and height and adjacency to neighbours.

Our appraisals assess the existing property for a new house/section to un-cover additional value. The report includes the location of a new xfactor house(s). The report is of sufficient detail for a registered valuer to provide a property valuation, with an existing property value and the proposed new values (xfactor house or bare section). 

Our reports are fixed priced and most are in the following ranges as a price guide:

Existing house and lot appraisal - $1200 plus GST, up to 2 xfactor houses located

Existing house and lot appraisal - $2400 plus GST, up to 6 xfactor houses located

Existing house and lot appraisal - $4200 plus GST, up to 12 xfactor houses located

Above 12 xfactor houses price on request.

Your Design Club consultant will confirm the price after a site visit.

Fees do not include, registered land survey, valuer or geotechnical reports, current certificate of titles and council fees. The reports are an outline of 'what could be', and do not constitute a resource consent or subdivision consent - these involve other consultants, and would be the next stage if the Owner intends to progress the proposal. 

TUI - 3 storey

Small Footprint 35sq.m

Our TUI range of vertical homes, with awesome features in a small footprint.

Open plan living and kitchen, full rooftop sundeck, bathroom and separate guest WC plus garage and internal access.

Why a small footprint? These homes are for a small site area or an additional home on your property.

The floor designs are stackable vertically, so can be 2 storey or 3 storey with the lounge on the ground floor or the garage changed into a home and income studio flat, as a dual key design.

Exterior materials can be a range of popular claddings that meet durability and NZ standards.

Cedar weatherboards vertical or horiziontal.

Profiled steel cladding, flat tray type with vertical folded seams or a corrugated appearance.

Windows in thermally broken aluminium or uPVC with pivot hinges (as in European homes/apartments) all to high thermal efficiency standards.

Foundations to suit the ground conditions.

Internal layouts can be tailored to your needs and arrangements.

These homes are designed to also accommodate a terrace type arrangement and can be placed side by side as a townhouse or a row of 4 , 6 or more.

Medium density residential standards compliant and suitable for 11m heights and various ground topography. Give us a call to discuss.