Design Club undertakes all design, building documentation and preparation of Resource and Building Consent information for all projects.

Our Projects include:

New Developments - large, medium and small, multi-activity projects - retail, commercial, cinema/theatre, apartments/hotel and hospitality

New Buildings - all scales, retail, commercial, hotel/apartment

Up-graded Buildings

Residential - new homes, additions and housing developments

How Long? 

Design Club is committed to delivering projects within an established time frame and realistic cost constraints. We achieve this through efficient management, attention to detail and a thorough understanding of build-ability and technical considerations.

Every project takes time to design, process for resource and/or building consents, tender for, and build. It is important to establish realistic timeframes at the start of the project, and regularly check progress.


Project Programme

The project programmes should consider contractors' lead times, consultants' involvement and the time needed to choose the project team. It should also consider seasonal implications, public holidays, closedown periods and labour availability.

A typical project, such as a New House is described below. 

1. Design concept
   Preparing a design concept takes one to six weeks.

2. Resource consents
   It takes two to five weeks to prepare application documents for resource consents. A non-
   notified application will take 20 working days to process. A notified application requires at 
   least three months statutory processing time.

3. Building consents
   Preparing documents takes two to six weeks. The building consent application takes 20
   working days statutory processing time.

4. Construction documents
   Preparing documents takes two to six weeks.

5. Tendering
    Preparing tender documents takes tow to seven days. The tendering period is two to five  
    weeks, depending on the project's complexity.

6. Construction
   The contractor will require some lead-in time, about one to four weeks. Construction is highly 
   dependent on trades within the contract and on material, joinery and fittings being available. 
   Construction periods can run from four months to over six months.

7. Other factors
   You will need to allow time to view designs, drawings and prices, and to consider, and approve 
   decisions at the various stages of the project. These milestones will be included in the